How to Safeguard your Joints as you Age.

How to Safeguard your Joints as you Age.


No matter how young or healthy a person is, aging will cause certain alterations in the mobility of their joints. The skin and hair also age as part of how the human body changes with time. Such changes are highly discernible to human sight. Aside from these changes, there are many more that take place as we age, such as the weakening of our bones and muscles from a loss in bone density or bone mass. Particularly in women following menopause, we start to detect changes in walking gait and posture. Inactivity or disuse are the root causes of every joint-related issue. Exercise and working out can assist to reduce the effects of aging on your joints and may help to reduce your risk of developing a chronic illness.


Some of the Age-related changes in joints are:


As time goes on, our joints' lubricating fluid levels drop and the cartilage becomes thinner. The shortening of the ligaments is another factor contributing to the stiffness of joints. The fluid inside the joint can continue moving because of joint movement, which keeps the joint from becoming stiff. Therefore, a lack of exercise is the primary cause of the majority of age-related alterations to the joint. Additionally, as you age, your muscles lose strength, which can put more strain on your joints, especially your knees.


Things that can help you combat joint-related issues:

Physical activity-


Exercise can both stop and reverse numerous age-related changes in muscles, bones, and joints. Starting an active lifestyle and reaping its rewards is never too late.

  • Making room for exercise in your daily routine can help you make your bones and joints stronger.
  • Exercises that improve your balance and coordination can lower your risk of falling.
  • Stretching also plays an important role in keeping the joints flexible

Calcium rich-diet -

One of the most crucial minerals for the human body is calcium. It aids in bone and tooth development and maintenance. Over a lifetime, a healthy calcium intake can aid in osteoporosis prevention.

  • Calcium promotes healthy muscle, neuron, and cell function.
  • Calcium also helps your body in clotting blood.
  • Calcium helps to relax muscles

Limit your alcohol and avoid smoking

Alcohol and smoking both have the potential to accelerate the loss of bone mass. This may further result in bone weakening.

  • Inflammatory substances called cytokines are more prevalent in smokers' bodies.
  • Cytokines lead to inflammation in the joints.

SilverEdge Joint care:

Include SilverEdge Joint care in your routine for everyday self-care:

It can help you grow cartilage and lessen your discomfort thanks to its abundance of amino acids. It helps you become more mobile and gives your muscles stability.


Key benefits of SilverEdge Joint care:

  • Reduces pain and stiffness
  • Boosts joints health and mobility
  • Prevents cartilage breakdown
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Has anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Improves bone strength

The aging process is no more stressful.



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