Fortify your joints for increased mobility in your silver years.

Fortify your joints for increased mobility in your silver years.

Just like vehicles lose their efficiency over time, Our body stops functioning as it used. We are all aware of skin changes that a human body passes through. Wrinkles, age spots, and loss of plumpness in the skin, these changes are noticeable. Aside from these changes, there are several that take place as we age, such as the weakening of our bones and joints from a loss in bone density or bone mass.

Some of the Age-related changes in joints are:

1. The joints become increasingly brittle and rigid.
2. Falls are more frequently the result of changes in gait, instability, and loss of balance.
3. The hip and knee joints may endure cartilage degeneration.
4. Bones lose calcium and other elements.
5. Hormonal changes further lead to osteoarthritis
6. Back pain

Some of the common mistakes people make while taking care of their joints and bones are-

1. Not working out -Disuse of your joints is the most aggravating factor in the degradation of joint health. Regular exercises help an individual to slow bone loss and bolster joints.
2. Diet- As the body changes with time, nutrition needs also change. Loss of bone density and minerals in the bones fastens, as we grow old. To cope with this, focus on diet and make changes to it accordingly.
SilverEdge Joint care:
It's filled with the richness of natural ingredients like Collagen, Rosehip Extract, and MSM aids you in maintaining the good health of the joint. It can lessen your pain and aid with cartilage development. It helps you become more mobile and gives your muscles stability.

Key benefits of SilverEdge Joint care:

• Reduces pain and stiffness
• Boosts joints health and mobility
• Prevents cartilage breakdown
• Boosts Immune system
• Has anti-inflammatory ingredients
• Improves bone strength

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