Siberian ginseng is a plant. The root of the plant is used to make medicine. It is often called an "adaptogen." Siberian ginseng contains many chemicals that affect the brain, immune system, and certain hormones. The active ingredients in Siberian ginseng, called eleutherosides, may stimulate the immune system also.



Adding Siberian Ginseng to calcium plus vitamin D treatment helps reduce the loss of bone density in the spine and thigh bone in postmenopausal women.

Heart disease and high cholesterol

Taking Siberian Ginseng extract helps to reduce risk factors of heart disease, including high cholesterol and an abnormal heart rate. It decreases triglyceride and total cholesterol levels.


Siberian Ginseng helps to treat strokes caused by a blockage of blood vessels that supply blood to the brain.

Respiratory tract infections

As an immune stimulant, Siberian Ginseng shortens the length and severity of lung infections, such as influenza and pneumonia.