Manjistha, also known as Rubia Cordifolia or Indian Madder, is a flowering plant from the coffee family Rubiaccae. It is a creeper or branched climber that can grow upto 10m with a thick, long red bark. It is usually found in scrub vegetation, moist deciduous forest, forest edges, shrubs, grass slopes, grassland or open, rocky areas and semi-evergreen areas. The flowers of this plant are very small and greenish white in colour, arranged in a branched cluster. The fertile flowers get small globus berries that are blueish-black or red-purple in colour. Manjistha has anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-asthamatic, detoxifying and pain-relieving properties which help in treating many problems like jaundice, liver infections, skin problems, asthma, etc.


Helps with skin diseases and disorders

Manjistha is one of the best herbs to treat every type of skin disease and disorder. It helps in treating the redness of skin by purifying the blood, which leads to treating many other skin problems.

Treats Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea occurs due to improper food intake, impure water, toxins and even mental stress. Manjistha helps in improving the digestive system and its properties help in treating Diarrhoea .

Helps in quick healing of wounds

Manjistha helps with quick wound healing, reduces the swelling and brings back normal texture of the skin. It also helps in reducing inflammation and treats the wounds quickl

Prevents pimples and acne

An increase in the sebum production clogs the pores of the skin which leads to black and white heads, acne and pimples. Manjistha helps in reducing sebum and removes clogs and inflammation.