Show what healthy aging looks like.


Some claim that 40 is now the new 30, thanks to healthier lifestyle choices. Yes, one could say that the fourth decade is the prime of an individual, as, you'll notice that you are wiser and all the hard work you have put in, is finally paying off. Your investment has started to be more mature and you are more established. Experience brings wisdom. You should therefore be more aware of how to take care of yourself now than you were ten years ago as you get older. But, this isn't the situation with your body. As we get older, our body undergoes several changes affected by several factors, which we sometimes do not notice.


The best tool you have at your disposal for determining your health is your body. Your health needs to be a priority right now. Which has a reasonable cost to compensate for all the money you've saved and the information you've acquired. ​​


Here are some things to watch out for once you turn 40:


High blood pressure-The arteries lose their elasticity after a given amount of time, which causes pressure to accumulate.

High cholesterol- With time, it can accumulate inside blood vessels and create plaque, which slows or obstructs blood flow.

Diabetes- Diabetes frequently has subtle warning symptoms. It can lead to a cluster of problems such as Kidney disease, heart problems, and vision loss.

Arthritis- It happens when the cartilage in the joints between the bones is worn down or destroyed. ​​

Anxiety/depression- Our physical and emotional health are both negatively impacted by the stress we experience daily.


Other changes that a human body undergoes are:

  • The severity of your wrinkles increases.
  • You catch fewer colds.
  • a decline in immunity with age
  • Bones become brittle
  • Your hair might start falling out
  • You may experience hot flashes
  • Hair grows up in unexpected places

These bodily changes occur because of multiple factors ranging from the environment to hormonal changes.


A bit frightening, isn't it? No worries, that's where SilverEdge comes into play.

India's first Wellness & Personal Care Brand specifically curated for mature adults. Each product is uniquely made with tried-and-true ingredients that are advantageous to those who are aging. It combines modernism with science in a distinctive way. Your primary concerns are addressed by each element. Our unique formulas, which combine these potent components, will help you. SilverEdge, cater products for problems that are directly linked to issues faced by an adult after reaching their fourth decade.


We aim to help you enjoy aging in your silver years.




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