Enjoy all season with SilverEdge Immuno Enhance.

Enjoy all season with SilverEdge Immuno Enhance.


If you find yourself falling ill every time the season changes, then you are not alone. You might observe this pattern of picking up illness after every seasonal shift. A runny nose and soar throat are just some of its symptoms. As soon as the temperature goes down with winter stepping in and the temperature rising with the approaching spring, you will notice you will come down with a cold.


Immunity comes short during the winter season as microbes responsible for causing infections, survive much longer in the winter season.


Some of the tips to battle season change and flu


  1. Exercise-During the winter season, people have an increased chance to gain weight. Aerobic exercises help a lot during these situations, to keep you fit.
  2. Maintain hygiene- Keep washing your hands regularly, as cold and flu can be transferred from one person to another.
  3. Nutritious food- During the colder months, eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains can also help you stay healthy.
  4. Stay Hydrated- Keeping the hydration levels up to the mark helps the body flush out all the toxins.

SilverEdge Immuno Enhance


SilverEdge Immuno Enhance eradicates sickness and harmful foreign bodies from the core. Additionally, it contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects.


By balancing the body's immune, lowering a bacterial and viral load, and reducing stomach inflammation, it is incredibly advantageous to both genders and serves as a shield against many health issues. Additionally, it reduces tension, enhances focus, and searches for and fends off major threats.


Key Benefits 👇

  1. Has antitumor ingredients
  2. Activates cellular and humoral immune responses
  3. Improves the body's defence against diseases
  4. Relieves from stress, increases energy levels & improves concentration
  5. Increases the production of antibodies
  6. Balances and strengthens the immune system





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