Joint care for men & women is essential throughout life but more so once we reach the age of 40. Joints are the connections between bones. The joints and the surrounding structures help you bend your knees and elbows, move your head, bend your back, and wave your fingers among other things. These joints shall be healthy for a healthy lifestyle

Synovium and cartilage are smooth tissues and synovial fluid is a lubricant that cushions your joints ensuring that the joints don't rub against each other. There can be wear and tear in your cartilage as you age or due to an injury or excessive weight. It can lead to damage in the joints and subsequently arthritis. 

You need to take care of your joints and keep your bones, muscles, and ligaments stable and strong for a healthy lifestyle. Few tips to keep your joints healthy: 

  1. Watch your weight
  2. Exercise
  3. Build muscle
  4. Know your limit for the sake of your joints
  5. Build a strong core 

A joint care tablet can do wonders for your joints once you start entering your silver years. SilverEdge has the perfect solution for you to take care of your joints. 

SilverEdge Joint Care is formulated to build you stronger with healthy joints and make you lead a healthy lifestyle in the silver age (45). Rich in amino acids, it plays an important role in the building of joint cartilage. It reduces pain and strengthens joint health.

It is a health builder that makes movement more flexible by restoring stability in muscles. It helps in building blocks of many parts of your joints and protects joint tissue and reduces the risk of developing degenerative disorders like arthritis.

SilverEdge Joint Care is healthy for you to build yourself up with strong joints. People in their silver years can enjoy a healthy lifestyle with SilverEdge Joint Care. It is essential because the function of your joints reduces once you reach your silver age (45) and you need external help to improve your internal health.