Signs you need to extend your arms to Vitamins!

As cliché and monotonous as it sounds, life can be really tough and busy for everyone. The constant struggle of feeling there aren’t enough hours in a day, is borderline the same for every soul. Taking time out each day to replenish the needs of the body to meet your average nutrition intake, can be overwhelming, to say the least.

With age, our bodies ultimately start to lose more nutrients than we absorb. That’s inevitable in nature. So how would we know exactly what we need to supply, in what proportion, and when! Well, the primary way to know it is when you start to lose your charm, or in layman terms, start to feel fatigue which you didn’t feel before.

A more accurate way of zoning out and cornering this issue, is to get a blood test done by your physician, and to know the exact amount and dosage of vitamins and mineral supplements your body needs to absorb. Being mindful, closely listening to the calls of your body for any changes, and acting upon them before they take a toll on your health.

Stress, the most common route for illnesses to enter our bodies, is the main cause of our bodily systems to delay their normal functioning. Boosting your diet with vitamins and minerals might not always be an accurate solution, as it isn’t the scarcity but our body’s inability to absorb what it's been provided with.

Few signs the body shows for you to extend your arms out to Vitamins may be -

  1. Fatigue

The most common and one of the earliest signs of deficiency, Fatigue is often misjudged and brushed off to dismissal by people in the name of being stressed and overworked.

  1. Common pains & aches

Persistent pain in muscles, which is more often than not, is mistaken for a general process of ageing. Stiffness in muscles, cramping, or even tightness is directly linked to a deficiency of Magnesium, while weakened muscles or pains are linked to deficiency of Vitamin D.

  1. Changes in Eyesight

Any diet, which is low in Vitamin C and E, leads to hindrances in a perfect vision. Carrot seeds, rich in compounds like Lutein and Zeaxanthin, and often found in multivitamin supplements, are a holy grail for betterment and perfection of vision.

  1. Muscle Spasms

Muscle cramps, numbness, and fatigue are all linked to deficiencies of different Vitamins and Minerals that must be included in your daily allowance. Some Vitamins work best when paired with other Vitamins to work at their utmost potential.

It’s the best to listen to your body closely and not ignore the obvious signs. Stated above are only a few of the very common signs that start to appear. Nonetheless, the ageing process is unique to each body and must be given close attention to, without fail. Making your diet nutrients rich can never pose any harm, but the best thing to do along with it is, keep in close touch with your local physician and consume supplements under their supervision.