A fast-paced world can't afford to wait for weak co-partners. The reason for your fear of not going for a jog is not lethargy but weak bones. With an unhealthy diet and a polluted environment, we ruin our bone content without even knowing it. 

It’s great to be dedicated towards your goal and work but in this busy life, everyone needs some time to take care of their health because it is the only thing that is striving them forward. Hence not caring about your own body is like a car without brakes, anything could happen during the journey. 

Problems you might face due to weak bones?

Are you aware?

More easily than you might imagine, you can safeguard your bone health. The foundation of a healthy existence is having strong bones. We frequently neglect to maintain the health of our bones and joints.

Strong bones give the body structure a solid foundation. Consequently, enabling mobility and injury prevention. Additionally, they act as a storehouse for vital minerals for our bodies, such as calcium, which supports several organs. Maintaining good bone health can help prevent or reduce bone loss, which primarily contributes to bone illnesses and disorders.

A weak bone system takes away all these bones and throws one into a myriad of struggles and shame. Nobody likes to struggle to do the simplest of daily chores, but that phase of life also comes in our 40s. Don't you want to save yourself from this hellish living condition where you need to think before taking every step? A constant painful condition is certainly not the future that anyone wishes. 

Numerous factors affect bone and joint health which lead to many severe joint problems like osteoarthritis- a common type of arthritis that happens over time when cartilage, the protecting cushion in between the bones, becomes painful and stiff.

Osteoarthritis usually appears in middle age and progresses slowly. 

Getting strong bones the easy way

Here are some tips-

Include calcium in your diet- Calcium is a mineral that is most often associated with healthy bones and teeth, although it also plays an important role in blood clotting, helping the muscle to contract, and regulating normal rhythms and nerve functions.

About 99% of the body’s calcium is stored in bones, and the remaining 1% is found in blood, muscle, and other issues you should know to strengthen your bones.

There are two ways the body can get the calcium it needs. One way is through consuming calcium-rich foods or supplements, and the other is by using calcium that already exists in the body. The body will eliminate calcium from bones if one does not consume enough calcium-rich meals. The calcium that is "borrowed" from the bones should eventually be replaced. However, this doesn't always occur, and it's not always possible to do this by simply consuming extra calcium.

Don’t smoke and limit alcohol intake - Smoking and too much alcohol intake decrease bone mass which makes it weak for movement. It also disturbs motor neural connections which results in a weak grip.

Maintain a healthy weight— This is crucial for women in particular. The menstrual period often stops in underweight women - due to poor diet or excessive exercise - and that usually means that estrogen levels are too low to support bone health. 

Make sure your workout includes weight-bearing exercise - Regular weight-bearing exercises like walking, dancing, or step aerobics can protect your bones. Strength training should be a part of your fitness regimen as well.

Add SilverEdge to your health routine: Since it is difficult to manage health with our ever-engaging and increasing work-life. So we must look out for some health partner which increases the effectiveness of our efforts towards building strong bones. 

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Therefore, the question that must be on your mind right now is, "What are the uses of these extracts?"

  • Collagen Peptide- Having collagen in your diet is a blessing for those who are struggling with joint problems in their middle years of life because it helps to improve skin and joint diseases. Collagen is one of the substances that make up bone, skin, and cartilage
  • Glucosamine- The body uses glucosamine to create other compounds that help to form tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and the fluid around joints. The fluid and cartilage around joints act as cushions. Taking glucosamine may result in more cartilage and fluid around joints, as well as assist stop their degeneration.

  • MSM - As we already know that you are going through the silver years of your life in which joint pain, stiffness, and cramps are the common issue we are going to face, SilverEdge Joint care Care tablet comes with the ingredient of  MSM which helps in reducing swelling, stiffness, and joint pain to give you a happy and strong life.
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