You need the energy to perform everyday tasks and when you are low on energy that's when you require something that can restore that drained energy for you. Drained energy can be caused by any number of reasons and the most common reasons are:

  1. Stress
  2. Smoking 
  3. Using alcohol
  4. Not drinking enough water

Your energy reduces once you reach the age of 45 or your silver years and you need external help to improve it. SilverEdge Energy Booster does just that for you! 


Stress or emotions induced by stress consumes loads of energy. You should keep your stress in check otherwise you will be easily drained. Some ways to control stress are exercising, tai chi, yoga, and meditating. 


Smoking not only damages various parts of your body but also causes insomnia and causes a lot of drainage of energy. It raises your heart rate, blood pressure, and activity in your brain which makes you lose a lot of energy and even causes problems in sleeping and getting the much-required rest. 

Using Alcohol 

Alcohol has a sleeping sedative effect and reduces your energy. If you want to have energy throughout the day then it is advised that you should stop consuming alcohol. 

Not Drinking Enough Water

Not drinking enough water causes fatigue and this results in you feeling low on energy. Water contains all the nutrients that you need to keep your energy in check. Drink water regularly and in the right amounts to stay energized and healthy. 

SilverEdge Energy Booster

SilverEdge Energy Booster nutritional supplement helps in increasing the overall energy levels. It improves blood sugar levels, and heart health and reduces anxiety and sleep disorders.

The SilverEdge Energy Booster supplement is a completely natural formation of handpicked ingredients for men. It increases fertility and regulates hormone levels to make your cells healthier. 

This energy booster for men and women contains shilajit and also helps in improving fertility, mood, and muscle mass to provide a healthier future in your silver age (45). 

SilverEdge Energy Booster helps boost your energy as your energy reduces once you reach your silver age (45). At this time it is important to have healthy up-to-the-mark energy and we provide just that!