A healthy immune system is essential for human survival because it guards against diseases and cancer, controls recovery from injury, and ultimately distinguishes the "self" from other creatures that compete with it for resources and space. Quick and efficient immune responses are provided by the body's immune response, but these actions lack separability and long-term memory. The exact identification of antigens, the development of memory, and the adaptive growth of immune cells that are specific to an antigen are how the acquired immunity operates. With a lifespan of several decades and the highest proliferating potential in the body, Tlymphocytes are susceptible to harm from aging and wear and tear.

How can Immunity Modification affect you?

Your immune system declines in efficiency as you age. Immune system modifications could include:

  • Slowed Immune Response:
  • The immune system's reaction time slows down. Your chance of getting sick rises as a result. The effectiveness or duration of protection from childhood vaccines or other vaccinations may not be as predicted.

  • Autoimmune Disease:
  • There could be an autoimmune disease. This illness is caused by an immune system wrongly attacking, harming, or destroying healthy body cells.

  • The body might Heal Slowly:
  • Your body might heal more gradually. In order to promote healing, the body's immune cells are diminished.

The shift from an innate to Adaptive Immune System:

The speed at which a pathogen can spread inside of you and the speed at which your immune system can respond without suffering too many side effects determine whether you will get sick or be well after an invasion. This balance changes as people age because of changes in their innate and adaptive immune systems.

When exposed to viral infections, the interferon produced by mature adult monocytes is reduced. Infected cells are more difficult to eliminate, and they struggle to activate the adaptive immune response.

The innate and adaptive immune systems' capacity to respond to pathogens can be diminished by low-grade chronic inflammation, which is a common occurrence in people as they age. It resembles how you eventually become acclimated to loud noise.

How can you age healthily?

There are a number of factors that everyone should take care of as they can affect an individual's immune system to a greater extent. Some of those factors are:

Take proper sleep: 

Research demonstrates unequivocally that inadequate sleep or sleep of poor quality reduces resistance, even in younger, healthy individuals. You ought to sleep for at least 7 hours each night. 

Don't stress too much:

Your immune system may become less responsive to stress over time. "When you worry about something all the time, your body suffers," Additionally, it may set off additional problems, such as poor eating and sleeping patterns, which could also compromise your immunity.

Maintain a Safe Distance:

With age, you are more likely to catch a common cold and flu from getting in contact with anyone affected. Actively avoid physical contact with persons infected with these. The fact is that you must exercise extra caution whenever exposed to germs as you grow old since you are also more prone to getting sick. 


The flu and pneumonia are the only two dangerous infections that can be prevented with vaccinations, even if they may no longer be as effective as they once were as you age. Make sure your vaccines are current by consulting your doctor.

Perform physical activities:

Maintaining your fitness through regular exercise will strengthen your immune system. Furthermore, according to research, it enables cells to move more easily, which enhances their performance.

Have a proper diet and don't skip:

There isn't a single diet that boosts immunity. However, scientists have shown that eating a diversified diet rich in foods with vitamins and minerals, such as fresh produce, can assist your system, especially your immune system, in working at its optimum. A proper diet can also help you balance the proper amount, which may reduce stress on the joints and strengthen the immune system.

It’s better to quit smoking:

You become more prone to disease and infection as a result of smoking since it impairs your body's immunological system. Your physician can offer advice on quitting smoking.

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How SilverEdge Immuno Enhance Can Help?

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  • Fights illness.
  • Have rich vitamins that fight resistance.
  • Have antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Improves bone strength.
  • Boosts mobility.
  • It helps to fight common infections.
  • Helps in the production of antibodies.

As you grow older, you will have hormonal, physical, and other major changes. With growing older a person had to be more attentive and alert for certain things in order to maintain their health and wellness. Adapt SilverEdge Immuno Enhance your daily life and age healthily and resume your daily activities with ease.