Few things stay the same as we age. Love, friendships, peace.

Our nutritional needs? Not so much.

As we age, our nutritional needs grow because the body’s tendency to absorb and soak in nourishment depletes over the years. Increase in the risk of deficiency in nutrition can affect physical, mental, and social health to a great extent. The right choice to make at such a turn, is to listen to our bodies and provide it with the correct amount of nutrients, maintaining a healthy weight, staying up and active, which will lead you to prevention of certain chronic conditions like diabetes, and heart diseases.

Our bodies change over time and the fact that there are more changes taking place than meet the eye, is alien to no one. Some noticeable physical changes that affect the nutritional betterment of elders are

- Slower metabolic rate

- Shrunken bone density

- Lesser lean body mass

- Decline in appetite

- Decrease in number of taste buds

In light of these changes, the nutritional compensation appropriate to sustain a healthy life include more intake of higher quality protein, strategies to increase appetite and boost food intake, adequate amount of Calcium and Vitamin D, foods loaded with Vitamin B-12.

At SilverEdge, we understand and comprehend that it can be tough to make sense out of the daily nutrition and nourishment needs as we age. So offering people with natural formulations of health supplements is the answer. Our team of doctors, providers, and experts have trained, formulated and worked tirelessly to curate tablets that keep up with all your nourishment needs.

Good nutrition is not solely enough for across the lifespan to prevent chronic diseases. On the plus side, it is never too late for people to make improvements to support and advocate healthy, happy ageing. The older population is at a greater risk of chronic diseases, as well as health conditions related to changes in bone and bone mass density. A mixture of nutrient-dense foods, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and taking the right amount of supplements is the key for our older adults to mitigate these risks.