We are all aware that human bodies have an immune system that helps us protect ourselves from potentially harmful or foreign substances. Such as bacteria, viruses, toxins, and cancer cells. The immune system is made up of different organs, cells, and proteins that work together.

To protect our body from these germs, the immune system responds to them by making cells and antibodies, to fight against such substances.

You don't notice it as long as your immune system is functioning normally. However, if it stops working properly - for example because it is weak or unable to fight particularly aggressive germs - you become ill. Germs that your body has never seen before are also more likely to make you sick. Some germs are only harmful the first time they come into contact with you.

As we get older, the immunity system starts to go downhill. You may go through the following changes:
● The ability of the immune system to detect and correct cell defects deteriorates as well. This can increase the risk of developing cancer.
● The decline in immune cells can lead to a slower healing process.
● The immune system becomes less responsive. This increases your chances of becoming ill. Flu shots and other vaccines may not work as well or as long as expected.
● Chronic inflammation is linked to aging immune systems, which raises the risk of almost all aging-related conditions.
● Risk of developing autoimmune disorder increases. In this illness, healthy body tissues are unintentionally attacked by the immune system, which causes damage or tissue death. As a result, as people age, their immunity weakens and becomes unbalanced.

Every problem that we face comes with a solution to it. Many of our health-related issues can be solved by making simple adjustments in our lives. Choosing the right diet plan and performing exercises daily can help an individual to maintain their immunity even in their silver years.

To lessen the dangers associated with immune system aging:
● Vaccinate yourself against the flu, shingles, pneumococcal infections, and any other diseases that your doctor advises.
● Quit smoking. Smoking can be a leading factor in the weakening of your immune system.
● Consume nutritious foods. Your immune system is strengthened by proper nutrition.
● make exercises a daily part of your routine.

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